The Future? of the Adyar Theosophical Society


At The Door

Left sitting out in the cold and starved of information,

members now realise how the General Council regards them



Dave Marsland


Why not include this picture in any information request to General Council

officers as an indication of how members feel they are being treated.

Or just send the picture anyway.



Being the governing body of the Adyar Theosophical Society

now enables the General Council officers to live out their

elitist power fantasies rooted in the Besant-Leadbeater tradition.




Like beggars scavenging for scraps at the rich manís door, the Adyar Theosophical Societyís members are reduced to gleaning information about the General Councilís activities, and the electoral candidates, from whatever they can find on the internet. A General Council member has even told the members, he is supposed to represent, that odd and sods on the internet are the best they are going to get. Why not be more honest about it and tell everyone to go and eat cake?


A snippet from a Sri Ram speech of 50 years ago and some notion about the way Annie Besant and C W Leadbeater used to do things are now the operational guidelines for the General Council, and these apparently dictate that nobody should be told anything, and the General Council consists of infallible divine personages who are above question. Being above question is a very useful concept as the General Council are released from responsibility, whatever damage they might do.


If the General Council cannot report its activities and information about the Society to members, then what on earth has it done to make this policy necessary? Whatever is being hidden may be enough, if revealed, to finish the General Council, and the current secrecy suggests plans are already in motion to ensure that the General Council will never have to answer to members for anything they may have done, or may do in the future. No organisation can afford to allow any group to wield executive power over its affairs which maintains total secrecy over its activities, and which rejects the requirement for an elected governing body to be accountable to those who elected it.


The arrogant aristocratic conceit of the General Council members is now shown for the con that it really is, and it is now obvious that the Society must remove the General Council from power if it is to continue as a unified body. There can be no compromise with a leadership that cheats its own members out of their organisation and the General Council simply has to go.



Dave Marsland


Posted March 8th†† 2014


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